Rate cuts will stimulate inflation not the economy

Russia, China Prepare To Dump Dollar, Agree To Bilateral Trade In National Currencies

By Tyler Durden 06/05/2019 Just one month after conducting joint military exercises, Russia and China are set to sign an agreement which would boost the use of their national currencies in bilateral and international trade in an attempt to mmove away from the current dollar-denominated financial system, according to Russian state-owned news outlet [...] Read more

The season for gold

By Richard (Rick) Mills 06/??/2019 As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information Gold was riding high Monday on bad news regarding the US economy, causing stocks to fall and Wall Street traders to pile into bullion. US markets were choppy on the first trading day after June 1, when the United States [...] Read more

Dollar exchange rate is preparing to collapse

By Exper Online 06/05/2019 In Washington, launched a sharp struggle for the dollar. The devaluation of the dollar, according to Democratic candidate for the post of Democratic President Elizabeth Warren, will help create more new jobs and accelerate the pace of development of the American economy. It will also help increase exports and domestic [...] Read more

The Fed Dusts Off “Whatever It Takes”

By John Rubino 06/04/2019 The most consequential words ever spoken by a central banker are, without doubt, ECB chair Mario Draghi’s 2012 promise to “do whatever it takes” to stop the bleeding of the Great Recession and keep the eurozone from spinning apart. Specifically: “Within our mandate, the ECB is ready to do whatever it takes to preserve the [...] Read more

Donald Trump's beautiful economy is now on full recession alert

Donald Trump's beautiful economy is now on full recession alert

By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph 06/03/2019 America’s manufacturing industry suffered the sharpest slowdown last month since the depths of the global financial crisis, prompting calls for emergency rate cuts to avert a spiral into recession. IHS Markit’s momentum gauge fell to the lowest since September 2009 as America’s fortress economy [...] Read more

Russian banks mull exporting more gold on central bank discount

Russian banks mull exporting more gold on central bank discount

Central Bank of Russia, Neglinnaya Street, Moscow. (Image: Wikimedia Commons) By Elena Mazneva and Yuliya Fedorinova, Bloomberg News 06/04/2019 Russian banks are considering increasing gold exports after the central bank said it would only buy at a discount, a move that could potentially pressure global bullion prices. The Bank of Russia made the [...] Read more

Domino #2: Chinese Bank With $105 BN In Assets On Verge Of Collapse

By Tyler Durden 06/03/2019 While the western world (and much of the eastern) has been preoccupied with predicting the consequences of Trump's accelerating global trade/tech war, Beijing has had its hands full with avoiding a bank run in the aftermath of Baoshang Bank's failure, scrambling to inject massive amounts of liquidity last week in the [...] Read more

Just Another Head-Fake in Gold?

By: Rick Ackerman 06/03/2019 Gold’s $30 run-up over the last two sessions is the sharpest we’ve seen in a while. Was it just a knee-jerk reaction to continuing weakness in U.S. stocks? Probably. But we’ll keep a close eye on it nevertheless, since gold sentiment is so negative, sometimes verging on despair. Many investors who have followed [...] Read more

PMI drops to lowest since September 2009

News Release Embargoed until 0945 EDT (1345 UTC) 3 June 2019 IHS MARKIT US MANUFACTURING PMI™ https://www.markiteconomics.com/Public/Home/PressRelease/21f2aabb766f4eb2b9b7560336d053e8

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