Is the trade war a catalyst for gold?

Is the trade war a catalyst for gold?

Stock Images. By Jordan Roy-Byrne 05/16/2019 Although most of the precious metals sector has trended lower in recent months, gold has held up well. It and the other, weaker components of precious metals got a boost on Monday when China retaliated with tariffs of its own. There has been little follow through since. This begs the question, will a [...] Read more

Gordon Brown's Big UK Gold Sales, 20 Years On

By Adrian Ash 05/062019 The worst investment decision of modern times... 7 May 2019 marks 20 years since the UK's New Labour Government announced a programme which sold 401 tonnes of gold from the nation's then-715 tonne holdings by the end of 2002, writes Adrian Ash at BullionVault. Ignoring advice from bullion-market insiders and defying [...] Read more

Global Trade Collapsing To Depression Levels

By Tyler Durden 05/16/2019 With the trade war between the US and China re-escalating once more, investors are again casting frightened glances at declining global trade volumes, which as Bloomberg writes today, "threaten to upend the global economy’s much-anticipated rebound and could even throw its decade-long expansion into doubt if the conflict [...] Read more

Peru’s military tries to curb illegal gold mining in Amazon (FOTO)

"Equipment" miners One of hundreds of artificial lakes poisoned by mercury Patrol inspects wasteland Top view of the former camp, and now a military base. View of the wasteland if you fly higher. Used

Peru’s military tries to curb illegal gold mining in Amazon

By FRANKLIN BRICENO 05/16/2019 LA PAMPA, Peru (AP) — By day, Peruvian police and soldiers search for and destroy equipment used by illegal gold miners in a part of the Amazon rainforest where mining has transformed once-dense foliage into a desert pocked with dead trees and toxic pools. As night falls, they play cards and soccer, call family from [...] Read more

The Mixed Blessing Of Falling Birth Rates

BY JOHN RUBINO 05/15/2019 The developed world is doing something unprecedented: It’s no longer reproducing. That’s great for the environment and very good for the work and housing prospects of the relative handful of kids that are being born (since fewer workers mean rising pay and fewer households mean cheaper real estate). But it’s bad for [...] Read more


By Claudio Grass 05/13/2019 Interview with Dimitri Speck Given the massive intervention and monetary manipulation experiment by central banks over the last decade, the amount of distortions created in the market, as well as the record debt accumulation at all levels of the economy, have given rise to considerable risks for investors. For a more [...] Read more

Who Owns the World’s Largest Gold Hoards? – Not the Central Banks!

By Ronan Manly 01/09/2017 It’s a common misconception that the world’s major central banks and monetary authorities own large quantities of gold bars. Most of them do not. Instead, this gold is owned by the sovereign states that have entrusted it to the respective nation’s central bank, and the central banks are merely acting as guardians of the [...] Read more

Tales From The Casino, Part 1: Funds That Bet On Volatility Might SPIKE Volatility, Crashing The Markets

BY JOHN RUBINO 05/13/2019 It’s a measure of modern financial markets’ absurdity that bets on bets on bets have come to seem normal. Maybe acronyms like CLO and CDO make them sound scientific. Or maybe it’s the sense that if Wall Street’s “rocket scientists” create something it must be highly advanced and therefore beneficial for society. But in [...] Read more

China's car market falls 11 months in a row - the worst dynamics for decades

By Alexsword Another news from China, very alarming, considering how many industries work in the auto industry. Retail sales of cars in China in April decreased by 16.6% compared with the same month a year ago. The double-digit decline became the “norm” - it followed the reduction in March by 12% and in February by 18.5%. In general, the market [...] Read more

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