Central banks’ gold buying and repatriation spree

By Arkadiusz Sieron. Sunshine Profits 11/28/2019 Central banks’ purchases and repatriations of gold have caught our attention once again. In October, Serbia’s central bank bought 9 tons of gold, following in the footsteps of many other central banks that have been adding to their gold reserves recently, including Russia, Hungary, and Poland. Nine [...] Read more

Bold Bets That Gold Could Triple to $4,000 Trade in New York

By Yvonne Yue Li 11/27/20`9 The gold options market saw $1.75 million in block trades betting the precious metal could almost triple in more than a year, surpassing the record. Around noon in New York Wednesday, 5,000 lots of a gold option giving the holder the right to buy the precious metal at $4,000 an ounce in June 2021 changed hands. The bets [...] Read more

Dow Jones Industrials

By pricedingold.com 11/04/2019 US Stocks reached their peak in 1999, and have clearly been in a bear market since 2001. From a high of 1400, they have fallen to the 280-290 level, a drop of 80%. From 2003 through 2007, stocks appeared to perform well when priced in dollars, roughly doubling in value. Because virtually all of this gain was due to [...] Read more

The National Bank of Poland has completed the gold import operation

By National Bank of Poland 11/25/2019 The National Bank of Poland has completed the relocation of 100 tons of gold to Poland, which is part of the NBP's official reserve assets. - The operation of transporting 100 tons of Polish gold was completed and proceeded smoothly. Gold bars were safely deposited in the vaults of the National Bank of [...] Read more

Bitcoin slumps below $7,000 mark for first time in 6 months

Bitcoin slumps below $7,000 mark for first time in 6 months

Bitcoin prices are down by almost a quarter in the past month. By Mike Murphy 11/24/2019 Digital currencies slump on fears of China crackdown Bitcoin fell below the $7,000 mark on Sunday for the first time since May. The price of bitcoin BTCUSD, -3.97% was last around $6,850, according to Coindesk, after slumping about 24% over the past month. In [...] Read more

Ray Dalio Denies He Is Betting On A Market Crash: "You Can Believe Me Or You Can Believe The Wall Street Journal"

By Tyler Durden 11/22/2019 Update: After sparking much apocalyptic speculation following the previously reported WSJ article according to which Bridgewater has a $1.5 billion short position on the S&P which implies a sharp market drop before March 2020, the fund's founder, Co-Chairman and Co-CIO has come out refuting the WSJ article. In a [...] Read more

Return of short-selling bans: market protection or 'war against truth'?

By Lawrence Delevingne, Simon Jessop and Jonathan Spicer. Reuters 11/19/2019 NEW YORK/LONDON/ISTANBUL (Reuters) - New moves to curb short-selling in some countries have set the stage for a renewed battle between free market advocates and authorities aiming to check investors they see as profiteers who destabilize major companies. Turkey's [...] Read more

Gold mid-tiers’ Q3 2019 fundamentals

By Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence 11/22/2019 The mid-tier gold miners just reported their results for a phenomenal gold quarter. In Q3’19 this metal surged after its first bull-market breakout in years, driving much-higher prevailing prices. That should’ve led to soaring profits for these mid-tiers in the sweet spot for stock-price upside [...] Read more

Credit Bubble Bulletin: Weak Link

By Doug Noland 11/23/2019 Last week from The Institute of International Finance (IIF) (a summary from a members-only report): “Global debt has topped $250 billion – 320% of GDP: emerging market debt hits a new record of $71.4 trillion (220% of GDP); With limited room for further easing, debt service costs will be an increasing constraint on fiscal [...] Read more

Why Financial Markets’ New Exuberance Is Irrational

By Nouriel Roubini 11/20/2019 Owing to a recent easing of both Sino-American tensions and monetary policies, many investors seem to be betting on another era of expansion for the global economy. But they would do well to remember that the fundamental risks to growth remain, and are actually getting worse. NEW YORK – This past May and August, [...] Read more

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