Nenner: If Deutsche Breaks $6.40 "The World Is In Trouble"

By Tyler Durden 05/22/2019 Via Greg Hunter’s, Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says if there was ever a global canary in the coal mine warning for the financial system, it is Germany’s Deutsche Bank (DB). Late last year, Nenner predicted if DB stock went below $8 a share, “You should be worried.” [...] Read more

Attention Millennials: You Can Now Buy Tiny Homes On Amazon

By Tyler Durden 05/17/2019 One of the main goals of the Federal Reserve's monetary policies of the past decade was to generate the "wealth effect": by pushing the valuations of homes higher, would make American households feel wealthier. But it didn't. Most Americans can't afford the traditional home with a white picket fence around a private yard [...] Read more

Mali to suspend gold dredging and panning for environmental reasons

By Tiemoko Diallo and Juliette Jabkhiro; Editing by Edward McAllister and David Evans, Reuters 05/27/2019 Mali has suspended the informal practice of gold dredging for one year and gold panning for three months for environmental reasons, starting June 15, the mines ministry said on Monday. Dredging and panning produce 10 to 15 tonnes of gold per [...] Read more

Financial Markets To Federal Reserve: Time To Start Cutting Rates

BY JOHN RUBINO 05/27/2019 In late 2018 the US stock market tanked, in effect holding a gun to its own head and threatening to pull the trigger unless the Fed stopped raising interest rates. The Fed, painfully aware that an equities bull market is an existential threat in today’s hyper-leveraged world, quickly caved, promising no more rate [...] Read more

Lousy Durable Goods Data Sink GDP Forecasts for Q2

By Wolf Richter 05/24/2019 Sign the already weak goods-based sector is getting weaker. Boeing, where art thou? Boeing is suffering from a sharp decline in orders, and this translates into a sharp decline in orders for “civilian aircraft” in the durable goods data trove released this morning by the Commerce Department. But it’s not just Boeing. [...] Read more

Russia Boosting Gold Reserves at a Time of Impending US Dollar Crisis – Peter Schiff

By RT News 05/24/2019 The global gold fever, led by Russia which is diversifying its foreign exchange reserves, is the right thing to do as the US dollar’s value is being diminished, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff told RT. The greenback’s role as a reserve currency is going to be questioned soon, according to Schiff. “I think what Russia [...] Read more

Drop Gold, Buy Bitcoin?

By Jason Hamlin| 05/02/2019 The cryptocurrency company Grayscale has launched a multi-million dollar marketing campaign imploring investors to drop gold and buy bitcoin. It is a slick video and the campaign is getting plenty of attention, but does it make any sense? The “Drop Gold” campaign kicked off Wednesday and features a 39-second commercial [...] Read more

Social Security just ran a $9 trillion deficit, and nobody noticed

By Laurence Kotlikoff, opinion contributor 05/14/2019 Social Security's annual Trustees Report came out recently, and it showed Social Security ran a gigantic $9 trillion deficit between last year and this year. The system's long-term unfunded liability is now $43 trillion, up from $34 trillion last year. Funny, nobody noticed. Did I miss a tweet [...] Read more

Seattle Earthquakes, Surviving Cascadia 9.0 & Worse

This video describes Seattle's true earthquake dangers and what you can do to stay safe. It is based on over a dozen government reports and it debunks common misconceptions about the Cascadia 9.0 quake. Finally, it outlines the actions you can take now to prepare for an earthquake in the Seattle area.


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