Token Gold Forecasting Placer (GoldFor) is a certificate that grants the Holder the right to receive and use the result of a placer forecast for an area of 0.1 km2 (~24.7 acres).


          The forecast is made for a land surface not covered by glaciers. The minimum volume of the provided forecast result for a continuous plot of the Earth surface (having an isometric shape with a ratio of length to width of not more than 2) is 400  km2 (~154.5 square miles) exchanged for a pool of 4000 GoldFor tokens.


          To do this, the owner of the pool (hereinafter referred to as the Holder) forms the Аpplication in which the marks the borders of the land plot, its map projection and the required scale of cartographic materials of the forecast results (up to 1:25 000), other information necessary for concluding the Agreement in which the GoldFor Tokens act as an electronic confirmation of the prepayment.


          The Application can be submitted not earlier than 2 years after the date of the ITO.


          Delivery of the results of the placer forecast is made not later than 6 months from the date of the Agreement conclusion.

Client (Holder) after the delivery of the results of the forecast is provided with clients support.


GoldFor tokens holder acquires: the right to use the placer forecast for an area, more than twice as small as the planned minimum supply (400 km2 against 1000 km2 of the minimum supply) at a wholesale price of 10 USD / km2 (which is set for forecast volumes from 100,000 km2, that is,  commensurate with the area of the sheet of International Map of the World 1:1,000,000).


          Upon completion of the submission of the results of the forecast, a non-exclusive,  nontransferable license to use the forecast result, nevertheless, OOO НПО «Россыпь-Геология» ([Research and Exploration Organization] R&EO Placer-Geology LLC (Russia)) assumes obligations for 2 years ( after acceptance) not to use and not to provide third parties with already delivered forecast results (еxcept for other Clients who have paid  for Research on the forecast of placer for the territory completely or partially coinciding  with the territory specified by the Holder in the Аpplication and who provided the  identical additional geological-geophysical and other information used in the performance  of the Research or partially coinciding information, but equally characterizing the area of  intersection of the territories mark by the Clients) and/or to use for their own purposes, and  also to transfer to third parties geological, geophysical and other information received from  the Client, regardless of the degree of confidentiality of this information.


OOO НПО «Россыпь-Геология» (R&EO Placer-Geology LLC (Russia)) undertakes to within one year, adjust the forecast, at receipt from the Client of the geological and geophysical and other information not used at performance of Research at the moment of  acceptance its result.



About Token


The name of the token - GoldFor (Gold Forecasting Placer);


It is certificate that grants the right to receive and use the result of a placer forecast for an area of 0.1 km2 (~ 24.7 acres);

Start date ITO - 01/08/2018;

The Start course of the GoldFor token is 1 USD;

Тotal 5,000,000 non-re-issued tokens;

Token distribution:

  • 80% of all issued tokens are put up for sale in the ITO process;
  •  20% - the company's reserve;


Public placement of the tokens is made on the DEX and TIDEX crypto-currency exchanges through direct sales in pairs with BTC, ETH, WAVES, ZCASH, LTC, BCH, USDT, USD, EUR, TRY;


Cancellation and refund of tokens - is possible not earlier than 2 years after the start of ITO, conditions are defined in the section Terms and Conditions;


Platform - WAVES.




          The funds received as a result of the crowdsale will be used to purchase computer equipment, software, the results of stereoscopic optical and interferometric radar space  surveys of other geological and geophysical materials, rental of premises, hiring of personnel.