US Buyers


  1. GoldFor is not offered for sale to the citizens of the United States of America (“USA”) regardless of their location, and are not offered to natural or legal persons, having their seat or habitual residence in the USA;

  2. Due to the Company products being offered on the Internet (meaning both the world wide web and the Waves blockchain) the Company understands that there is a possibility that there might be a certain flow of GoldFor's into the USA or to the citizens of the USA;

  3. The Company consequently explicitly prohibits persons from paragraph № 1 from using GoldFor;

  4. The Company shall not be held liable for any legal or monetary consequence arising of such use;

  5. Such persons who bought GoldFor, despite the prohibition shall on first request indemnify and hold harmless the Company from any legal or monetary consequence arising of their breach of this terms as described in this paragraph.


Legal and private persons related to US jurisdiction (and similar in the sense of regulating the turnover of securities) who are interested in purchasing the Company's product - the "placer forecast", may act by entering into direct contracts with the Company, in period August 1, 2018 - December 31 2018 on general terms.

That is, minimum volume of the forecasted result for a continuous plot of the Earth surface total of 400 km2 (~ 154.5 square miles) at a price of 0.1 km2 (~ 24.7 acres) - 1 USD, after October 1, 2018 the price will be adjusted;  If interested, please contact us at